European Manufacturers Need to Look Beyond Energy Efficiency for Competitive Energy Savings

Financial Times article highlights why manufacturers need to secure opportunities in emerging Energy Cloud

With the shift toward a more sustainable and resource efficient economy, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make operations more energy efficient. Yet despite yielded billions in energy savings, worldwide industrial energy use is rising by more than 1% a year, according to the International Energy Agency. Strong increases in India, South Korea, China, and the Middle East are offsetting slight declines in Europe and the Americas.

In the Financial Times, Jeroen de Beer, associate director at Navigant, explains why manufacturers cannot stop at energy efficiency if they want to secure sustainable savings. 

“If you stick to process, it will not be enough,” de Beer said of reaching the long-term goals. “Most energy-intensive industries are already approaching their technical limits as far as energy [efficiency is concerned].”

To navigate the sustainable manufacturing transformation successfully, companies need to look beyond their business boundaries and factor in the transformation of their value chains. In a white paper, published as a preview earlier this year, Navigant describes how manufacturing companies can take a holistic approach toward more optimized and responsible operations.

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