Energy Firms and Smart Cities

In a special publication for Dentons, Navigant explores the role of energy firms and community leaders in the smart cities transformation

Energy firms are working with community and government leaders to help create smart cities and to improve energy, transportation, building, and core city services. 

In a Dentons publication, Game Changers Impacting the Global Energy Sector, Navigant’s Rob Wilhite, managing director, shared his insight on this topic. 

Wilhite said, “Smart cities lie at the confluence of major disruptions across multiple industries...Energy firms and incumbent utilities have been key partners in many early smart city projects, offering opportunities to develop new business lines and supplier relationships, expand customer choices and optionality, and continue technology innovation.”

He added that, recently, many smart city and community programs have begun to include a focus on increased resilience to climate change impacts including floods, fires, heatwaves, in addition to seeking out better ways to improve their energy ecosystem.

“These smart city and community programs also demonstrate how energy-related services are foundational to multiple city priorities such as social inclusivity, economic development, and environmental improvement,” said Wilhite.

Wilhite is a member of Dentons Smart Cities & Communities Think Tank, which produced the publication. The think tank is an initiative that brings together the resources of the world’s largest law firm with leaders of government, businesses, academics, innovators, and community stakeholders to help cities and communities leverage existing and emerging technological developments to enable the integration of essential services for the betterment of the lives of their citizens. 

Together, members share insights and best practices with the aim of crafting innovative legal, economic and policy solutions to societal challenges in an era of accelerating technological change.

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