Energy Cloud 4.0

Capturing Business Value through Disruptive Energy Platforms

The energy sector is in the midst of a major global transformation. During the next 5-15 years, Navigant expects massive disruption across the entire energy value chain that will affect a broad set of stakeholders. This transformation is primarily being fueled by multilateral efforts focused on decarbonizing the global economy to address climate change and a shift toward an increasingly clean, intelligent, mobile, and distributed energy ecosystem.

Linear value chains supporting one-way power flow from centralized generation to end customers will give way to a more sustainable, highly digitized, and dynamic energy system. Moving toward a multidirectional network of networks and away from a linear hub-and-spoke model, this system will support two-way energy flows in which customer choice (optionality), clean energy, innovation, and agility command a premium. At Navigant, we call this the Energy Cloud.

Navigant’s white paper, Energy Cloud 4.0: Capturing Value through Disruptive Energy Platforms, is the next installment in Navigant’s Energy Cloud series. The paper examines the impacts of an Energy Cloud future, profiles the emergence of dynamic, high-growth platforms, and finally, provides a framework for capturing value.

Key Findings

Multiple Energy Cloud trends and tipping points indicate that the energy transformation is already well underway. Energy Cloud 4.0: Capturing Value through Disruptive Energy Platforms explains the forces behind these trends and tipping points and how stakeholders can leverage them.

Energy Cloud platforms sit at the confluence of rapidly changing customer demands and highly disruptive technology. These emerging platforms have the potential to scale faster and yield greater profit margins than the traditional asset-focused and supply models that dominate the industry today, and offer the potential to offset flat or declining load growth.

Jan Vrins
Leader of Navigant’s Global Energy Practice

Energy companies and utilities need to be proactive in responding to changing market pressures and increasingly agile in adopting innovative new business models. Although policy and regulatory reform is an important driver of transformation, customer choice and technology innovation are relentless instigators of disruption. These forces are critical in understanding the Energy Cloud transformation.

Mackinnon Lawrence
Director, Navigant


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