Exploring Options to Expand the Charging Infrastructure in the EU

Navigant supports the European Parliament in analyzing actions for the uptake of e-mobility

Navigant carried out a study for the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) committee at the European Parliament on charging infrastructure for electric road vehicles. The energy experts analyzed the various challenges of the deployment of charging infrastructure within the EU. The team investigated existing technologies and standardization issues, metering systems and pricing schemes, business and financing models, the impact of the charging infrastructure on the dissemination of electric vehicles, and the appropriateness of current technologies, business models, and public policies.

The research highlights the key issues surrounding charging infrastructure, and indicates possible actions that the TRAN Committee could take to increase the uptake of e-mobility in the EU. The study also serves as input for the revision Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.

One of the key findings is that a clear commitment to a long-term strategy and a coordinating agency at EU level, including the creation of an EU-wide database, are needed to enable the expansion of charging infrastructure.

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