Decarbonizing the Heating and Cooling Sector

A report by Heat Roadmap Europe shows cost-effective ways to implement EU-wide sustainability initiatives

The heating and cooling sector can be fully decarbonized, according to a recent EU-funded research initiative, Heat Roadmap Europe. The report is based on existing technologies and approaches that have been successfully implemented in Europe.  

The project developed energy scenarios for 2050 for the 14 largest EU countries, also known as heat roadmaps. The roadmaps modeled the entire energy system, showing that heating sectors help with the integration of renewable energy in the electricity sector through the use of district heating and large thermal storage. 

Navigant is member of the Heat Roadmap Europe Advisory Board and supports the project with in-depth expertise in energy efficiency, decarbonization, and energy infrastructure.

Download the Scenarios from HeatRoadmap.EU

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