Capturing Value Behind the Meter in Europe

In an interview with Energy Post, Jan Vrins highlights new market opportunities arising from the energy system transformation

While Europe has a strong focus on the expansion of renewable energy generation, it may miss out on the huge opportunities emerging behind the meter. In an interview with Energy Post, Jan Vrins, leader of Navigant’s global Energy practice, shared an in-depth look at the future value shift in energy markets.

“The energy transition? That has already happened,” Vrins said. “We have entered a new world in which growth will come from distributed energy resources. That means all the products and services behind the meter: energy efficiency, rooftop solar, EVs, smart meters, home storage, microgrids.”

Navigant describes the shift from linear value chains to a more sustainable, digitized, and multidirectional energy system as the emergence of the Energy Cloud. Navigant’s energy experts expect this to create more than $1 trillion in added value to the power grid by 2030.

In order to capture this value, energy companies must shift their focus and fully attune to the coming changes.

“The system will move to decentralization: distribution-level generation and a whole range of products and services behind-the-meter,” Vrins said. “The value will move downstream.”

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