California Looks to Market Transformation Programs for Energy Efficiency

In an article for Utility Dive, Navigant explains why a new utility program type could be the most successful yet

California has been a leader in utility energy efficiency programs for decades, and as it continues to evolve its strategy, it’s placing its bets on a new offering: market transformation programs.

In an article for Utility Dive, Kristin Landry, managing consultant at Navigant, explained that market transformation programs move beyond rebating widgets to create systemic market changes. These programs rely on a number of activities — including traditional ones such as marketing, incentives, and education — but the approach, which leverages partnerships, helps to strengthen their ability to address existing barriers to the adoption of a product or service.

“Market transformation initiatives are inherently riskier than the straightforward rebates of the past and present, but the upfront cost will have huge payoffs,” Landry said. “The utilities need to be given the flexibility to take a few leaps of faith within a portfolio of market transformation programs and the time to prove them out and reap the rewards.”


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