An Intelligent Approach to Smart Building Systems

Navigant’s Tom Machinchick wrote an article for Euractiv discussing how smart building systems can unlock the full potential of commercial buildings

Tom Machinchick, principal research analyst with Navigant Research’s Building Innovations program, contributed an article to Euractiv discussing a holistic approach to commercial building energy efficiency.

As smart building systems technology like the internet of things enters the commercial building space, building owners, operators, and energy efficiency vendors are getting more opportunities for coordinated control of building systems and increased energy savings and non-energy-related performance through advanced digital intelligence.

“Energy efficient commercial building technologies have helped businesses reduce energy-related costs, and have enabled them to become more environmentally responsible. Significant energy reductions can be realised through the installation or replacement of high energy consuming components such as HVAC and lighting,” wrote Machinchick.

According to Machinchick, individual system energy efficiency gains in commercial buildings can reach 15% when operated in a silo, and coordinated operation of all building systems can achieve savings of up to 35% or more.

“While a coordinated operation of all building systems can achieve significant energy savings, those systems are too often installed in siloes hindering to unlock the full potential,” said Machinchick.

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