A Vision of the Future Energy Landscape

APPrO shares highlights from Navigant’s presentation on the Energy Cloud in IPPSO FACTO Magazine

In November, during APPrO’s Canadian Power Conference, Jan Vrins, leader of Navigant’s Energy practice, sketched a picture of pervasive changes ahead for the energy sector, highlighting how the Energy Cloud will shift value across generation, transmission, and distribution sectors, creating new opportunities for stakeholders and customers alike. Highlights from his presentation are included in APPrO’s January edition of IPPSO Facto Magazine.

According to the article, Vrins shared three important takeaways:

  • The integration of renewable resources, DER, and electrification in transportation are rapidly affecting the ways in which energy is produced and consumed, driven by changing customer preferences, technology evolution, and public policy.
  • Market structures and regulatory frameworks will need to be redesigned as conventional generation requirements, load, voltage, price of power, and distribution system operations will no longer retain fixed values.
  • Utilities need to develop an Energy Cloud Playbook that takes a 10-to-12-year view of where the business should be going, and a 3-to-6-month cyclical look at opportunities, threats, and new products and services as customers and shareholder values shift.

Vrins also addressed emerging business models the Energy Cloud will bring to Canada and beyond, and noted the growing importance of sustainability and efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions. He left the audience thinking about whether the Energy Cloud has already emerged, and what it might mean for tomorrow's energy sector.

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