Vehicle-Grid Integration Becoming Part of the Electric Vehicle Conversation

In an article for Charged EVs, Navigant Research says new business models are pushing the concept closer to reality

Though news of electric vehicle launches often dominates the electrification conversation, the concept of vehicle-grid integration (VGI), often overlooked, is starting to get more attention as automakers, utilities, and charging companies work together on new business models.

In an article for Charged EVs, Scott Shepard, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, says VGI has the potential to create a revenue stream that erases energy costs for plug-in vehicle owners, making the purchase of a plug-in over a conventional vehicle more attractive. In addition, it can also address range limitations, which is of particular benefit to medium and heavy duty vehicles, as well as fleets.

Shepard said years have been spent on lab tests and pilot fleets to scope out what sustainable VGI business models may look like, and options are getting closer to becoming viable.

“There is much room to grow for VGI developers,” he added.

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