Utility Operating Environment and Business Models in the Energy Cloud

Navigant participates in SEPA’s 51st State Initiative with a white paper on the future role of the utility

In an Energy Cloud future, today’s landscape will transform into a dynamic, distributed energy system filled with diverse solutions, technologies, and market actors. But along with this transformation comes profound implications for the physical operations of the grid and the central business model of utilities.

Navigant recently explored this concept in a white paper, Utility Operating Environment and Business Models in the Energy Cloud, created in response to the Smart Electric Power Association’s call for perspectives on the future role of the utility. The call was part of SEPA’s 51st State Initiative, a way for the power sector to discuss tomorrow’s electric industry.

The white paper provides industry tipping points, examples of Energy Cloud platforms, and insight around evolving business models and a new regulatory model. In addition, it provides design considerations for the next chapter of the utility landscape.

The paper was authored by David O'Brien, director at Navigant, with contributions from Mackinnon Lawrence, senior research director at Navigant Research, and Ted Walker, managing director at Navigant.

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