Turning IoT Thoughts into Actions

In an article for CIO Review, Navigant Research says it’s time for CIOs to take the plunge into digital transformation

A global SAP survey of 3,000 corporate executives conducted this year found that only 3 percent of respondents said their firms had completed companywide digital transformation projects, which can be interpreted as Internet of Things (IoT) deployments of one kind or another.

While the IoT is likely on the minds of many CIOs, the question of how to intelligently harness related technologies and platforms presents a challenge that some might be hesitant to tackle.

In an article for CIO Review, Neil Strother, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, said that, for many, the challenge starts with defining the IoT — and its cousin, the industrial IoT (IIoT). Using simple definitions and case studies from Alpiq, UPS, and Boston Medical Center, Strother outlines why IIoT surpasses the hype IoT generates, noting that it offers more traction for companies in diverse sectors that are early adopters.

“These three case studies might not be viewed as amazing technological breakthroughs, but they do show how processes can be transformed to drive business benefits by leveraging IIoT platform solutions to orchestrate devices, data, systems, and analytics,” Strother said. “Admittedly, stubborn barriers exist to hinder adoption, namely security concerns, interoperability challenges, initial added costs, and unclear outcomes. But IIoT is the future for enterprises and innovative businesses are overcoming the barriers — as the case studies prove.”

For companies ready to take the plunge, Strother suggests starting with these best practices:

“Stop wincing at the mention of anything with those three letters (IoT) and get moving,” he added. “Start with a simple IIoT project and build from there.”

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