Technology and Market Demand Encouraging Clean Energy

In an interview with Bloomberg, Navigant’s Jan Vrins says federal policy is not the only factor affecting renewable energy growth

While the Trump administration has voiced its intentions to leave the Paris Agreement, halt the Clean Power Plan, and bring back the coal industry, the shift toward clean and renewable energy continues nonetheless.

Earlier this week, during the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention, utility and energy industry leaders said although federal policy is part of the conversation, it’s not the only force shaping the future of energy. In an opinion piece for Bloomberg, Jan Vrins, global leader of Navigant’s Energy practice, who attended the convention, said that when analyzing the industry, “We talk about three buckets: policy, technology, and market demand.”

“Tech and market demand are driving it now,” he said.

Though Trump will influence policy, according to the column, there are other factors at play, including a push from local and state governments to continue to curb carbon emissions, as well as customer desires, cleaner generation alternatives that cost the same, and concerns that future administrations may take an opposing approach.

Additionally, a decline in customer demand brought on by efficiencies in new technologies is also encouraging utilities to embrace a transition away from fossil fuels.  

"We’re over the tipping point now," said Vrins.

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