The Role of the Car in Smart Cities of the Future

In an article for Automotive World, Navigant Research looks at key trends in urban mobility

Cities have long been a challenging environment for traveling by car. Traffic delays, valuable land mass dedicated to parking, and emissions from idling vehicles are just some of the societal costs of personal car travel in urban areas.

Fortunately, though, a stream of new technologies presents consumers and city leaders with innovative tools that potentially can address these needs. In an article for Automotive World, Navigant Research’s Lisa Jerram and Ryan Citron say that in combination, these technologies may lead to profound changes in the urban transportation environment.

“The confluence of connectivity, automation, electrification, and mobility services holds immense promise to make transportation safer, cleaner, and more convenient in a rapidly urbanizing world,” according to the pair. “Indeed, the convergence of these capabilities will likely be necessary for success.”

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