A Potential North Sea Grid Powerhouse

In a new white paper, Ecofys and Navigant provide an analysis of stakeholder views on a North Sea Grid

Ecofys and Navigant have combined their experience to provide an early stage overview of the current development of a North Sea Grid. Based on an analysis of stakeholder views, our experts present a white paper that highlights the main barriers and benefits stakeholders identify for an integrated offshore grid in the North Sea region.

An integrated offshore grid in the North Sea could bring significant financial, technical, and environmental benefits to the bordering countries and the EU as a whole. Yet a project of this scale would also need to overcome significant challenges before any benefits could be realized. These challenges include regulation, financing, and uncertainty over risks and impacts. Crucial to the success of the project will be consensus and alignment among stakeholders on how to address these questions.

Navigant and Ecofys have a long track record in advising leading utilities and working with many of the stakeholders involved in the development of the North Sea Grid. Their current analysis is the first in a series of thought leadership pieces on the potential of a North Sea offshore powerhouse.

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