The Link Between Energy Storage and Energy Transformation

In a guest post for NAATBatt, Navigant Research says energy storage is a prerequisite for an Energy Cloud future

In a guest post for the National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries (NAATBatt), Anissa Dehamna, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, says aside from transforming the grid as it currently exists, energy storage is also pushing toward a highly networked ecosystem of two-way power flows and digitally enabled intelligent grid architecture.

“Energy storage is the foundation of the energy transformation,” Dehamna writes. “It complements technologies within the Energy Cloud, making them more efficient and valuable or more efficient and less costly.”

Storage does this by reducing the temporal aspect of load and generation. Resources that would be more valuable at another time of day can be shifted to peak periods of demand, and, unexpected load events that would require an expensive peaker plant can be balanced quickly.

And, when it comes to distributed assets, storage provides the ultimate flexibility for integrating distributed generation, no matter where a storage asset is situated in a grid system, Dehamna adds.

“Storage is a prerequisite for the transition away from a centralized model and toward a more resilient, decentralized cloud model,” she says.

For more information on this topic, join Navigant Research on May 30 for an ESA-sponsored webinar focused on the U.S. energy storage market and how it’s expected to support job growth, reduce grid operational costs and emissions, and improve grid reliability.

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