Pure Energy: Jan Vrins on Disruption and a Rapidly Changing Utilities Landscape

Navigant’s global Energy practice leader shares his perspective on the state of the industry with Consulting Magazine

The pace and impact of change in the energy industry is unrelenting. As new technologies and business models continue to emerge, many utilities are wondering how they can stay competitive as the energy transformation takes hold globally.

Pure Energy

Jan Vrins, global leader of Navigant’s Energy practice, recently talked to Consulting Magazine about these issues, sharing his thoughts on industry disruption and the role consultants will play in a rapidly changing utilities landscape.

“As consultants, we really need to think through with our clients how to navigate this industry transformation,” Vrins said. “… At Navigant, we’re seeing more and more need for clients to think strategically about their business, well beyond traditional business models.”

Vrins added that electrification of transportation, energy management around buildings, and microgrids are just a few trends expected to have a significant impact on the industry, as well as other disruptive technologies that are becoming available at increasingly low costs. As a consultant, Vrins said, it’s important to bring these solutions to clients and let them know that while they will cause disruption, they also present an opportunity for new revenue streams and offer customers new options.

And, as detailed in Navigant’s recent State & Future of the Power Industry report, Vrins said innovation is key to finding a successful path through the many obstacles the industry is experiencing.

“I always tell new consultants coming into our professions that energy and utilities is really a cool industry to be in now because there’s so much happening from a technology perspective, from a regulation perspective, [and] from a business transformation perspective,” Vrins said.

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