Grid Modernization Index 4 Launches

Navigant partnered with the GridWise Alliance to produce report on grid modernization efforts around the country

A new report from GridWise Alliance, which represents stakeholders involved in designing, building, and operating the electric grid, measures how well the electric industry is progressing toward achieving grid modernization goals.

Navigant partnered with GridWise Alliance to produce the fourth version of the report, the Grid Modernization Index (GMI4). The report ranks and analyzes all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia based on the degree to which they are moving toward a modernized electric grid. The report also highlights key trends derived from stakeholder feedback and data collection.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • The pace of grid modernization efforts has accelerated, particularly on the policy front.
  • Recent hurricanes and other extreme weather events, as well as human-caused cybersecurity and physical security threats, are focusing attention on grid resilience.
  • Leading states continue to make progress toward comprehensive grid modernization.
  • Many states are just beginning their own grid modernization efforts.
  • Some of the early movers may be seeing their momentum slow, particularly in the Grid Operations category.
  • Utilities are prioritizing efforts to address customer demands for greater choice and the capability to manage their own energy usage.
  • Clean energy targets by states, cities, and corporations are driving utility efforts to accommodate rapid growth in distributed energy resources.

To learn which states are leading grid modernization efforts and other important findings, download the report.

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