Ensuring Corporate Buying of Renewable Energy Really Makes a Difference

In an article for Energy Post, Navigant explains how companies can choose a renewable energy sourcing strategy

Many corporations are eager to contribute to the fight against climate change by sourcing renewable energy. Yet, despite some high-profile power purchase agreements, corporate renewables sourcing is still a small market and does not always make a significant contribution to the energy transition. In an article for Energy Post, Malte Gephart, energy policy expert at Navigant, provides a market analysis and explains what needs to change for the market to make a real difference.

According to Gephart, corporate renewables sourcing has great potential, but is not yet used to its full capacity.

“At the moment, [power-purchase agreements] and other forms of [renewable energy sourcing] do not always trigger additional investment in renewable energy,” he wrote.

In the article, Gephart explains which regulatory reforms could strengthen corporate renewable energy source (RES) sourcing markets to unlock their potential. Using his recommendations, companies are able to choose an RES sourcing strategy with a view to the actual effects it has on the energy transition.

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