Energy Efficient Building Technologies are More Affordable and More Effective than Ever

In Smart Cities Dive, Navigant Research says innovation creates a promising future for energy efficient buildings

Thanks to digitization, today’s energy efficient building technologies continue to provide better building performance and detailed data for identifying and optimizing operations. And, now that many buildings have realized the benefits of LED lighting and more efficient HVAC systems, innovation is spreading to other building components that have traditionally not received much focus.

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Tom Machinchick, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, says items like smart tinting glass and connected flooring are drawing interest, and that new services and offerings are emerging for large end users as well as those in the small- to medium-sized buildings sector.

“There is so much more going on in the energy-efficient building technologies market,” Machinchick says. “As a service offerings, enabling financial programs and structures, utility incentives, the Internet of Things, mobile solutions, technology that assists the energy efficiency sales and distribution process, and tenant-facing interfaces are just a few of the areas where advancements are taking place. These technologies and offerings are serving to broaden and deepen the overall market, making energy efficiency more affordable and more accessible than ever before.”

Machinchick adds that as long as the momentum of innovation continues, the future of energy efficient buildings looks promising.

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