Data Centers as Microgrids

In a guest blog for Microgrid News, Navigant Research examines how data centers are taking a new approach to resiliency

The world is becoming increasingly digital — in fact, research indicates that one million devices are expected to come online per hour by 2020, and that by 2025, 60 percent of computing is expected to take place in the cloud. As this proliferation occurs, the role of the data center cannot be underestimated. At the same time, reliable electricity plays a significant part in making sure that data centers are up and running at all times and under all circumstances.

In a guest blog for Microgrid News, Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, looked at how data centers face the challenges of resiliency, exploring new technology innovations and innovative business models.

One approach, he says is the move away from direct ownership of hard assets and toward the resiliency and efficiency the cloud and the virtualization of energy services can provide.

“This is setting the stage for creative solutions providers to offer up new technologies via new business models that can mitigate risks while increasing performance through options like advanced microgrids,” Asmus said.

He added that just as the data center market in general is moving toward service provider and colocation facilities, a similar trend away from internal management of resilience infrastructure is underway.

“This shift to a more advanced, efficient, and sustainable power infrastructure is now possible within the typical constraints that have historically thwarted such efforts for data centers in the past,” Asmus said. “The data center industry is too important to stay stuck in a conservative and polluting approach to uptime.”

Asmus will present more on this topic on October 24 during Navigant Research’s webinar, Data Centers and Advanced Microgrids.

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