Economic Development Impacts of Wind Projects

AWEA releases new analysis from Navigant on projected wind power industry employment and investment

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) recently released new analysis from Navigant forecasting wind power industry employment and investment through 2020. 

The detailed report shows wind is poised for continued growth, and that the U.S. wind industry is expected to drive more than $85 billion in economic activity over the next four years. Wind-related employment will grow to reach 248,000 jobs in all 50 states in 2020. 

In addition to creating jobs, the 35,000 MW of expected wind additions through 2020 will have a significant impact on the economy. Investments in new wind turbines, construction and operations expenditures, and tax payments will support up to $24 billion in annual economic impact, according to the report. Over the full 2017-2020 period, wind is expected to drive $85 billion in economic activity.

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