Three Reasons to Add Artificial Intelligence to Commercial Buildings

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Navigant Research says industry shifts mean it's time for commercial building owners to leverage AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), or technology capable of learning, is finding new uses in industries ranging from trucking to shopping, and it seems the commercial buildings market is no exception.

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Casey Talon, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, says three significant market shifts are positioning AI to transform aspects of commercial buildings management. These include:

  1. Rapid adoption of IoT opens the door to AI in buildings: Once an Internet of Things (IoT) framework is established, AI can enable autonomous improvements to operations within a facility — including heating, cooling, and lighting.
  2. Customers expect technology-enabled convenience: Building owners face a new sort of upward pressure to invest in technology. AI can help address these shifting pressures with new solutions that deliver customer satisfaction and improve energy efficiency to reduce costs and promote sustainability.
  3. AI can bolster building owners' top line: Technical capabilities presented by incorporating new intelligent building controls create opportunities to generate new revenue streams because of the way the intelligent building can be used as an energy asset and data hub.

“Building owners and operators have been realizing the benefits of intelligent building investments through software applications that transform real-time data into information that directs specific changes to operations,” Talon says. “… AI offers the next frontier in the sophistication of intelligent building solutions by adding embedded learning to analytics and machines for continuous system improvement.”

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