Amidst Headwinds, Unconventional Oil and Gas Litigation Continues to Trend Upward

Unconventional Oil and Gas Litigation Trends Report — October 2016

The oil and gas industry continues to experience a bumpy road heading into 2017. The low crude oil price market that began in mid-2014 continues to persist, even though there has been some recovery from the price bottom seen in January 2016. For natural gas, prices have recovered from the lows seen in March 2016, but continue to experience volatility. Low oil and gas prices have reduced company revenues and profits and have led to reduced capital investments, increased layoffs and substantial bankruptcies. Taken all together, these factors continue to foster a very active litigation environment for the oil and gas industry. 

This report explores recent trends in unconventional oil and gas litigation, including trends in the overall volume of cases filed, unique geographic developments, and the most prominent types of cases filed. It also provides a deeper analysis of important regulatory and legislative developments.

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