Changing the Physical Security Mindset: Perspective from the Power Industry

Navigant shares perspective with Security Magazine

Navigant’s  Cory Lasseigne and Brian Harrell examine the future of the grid, and what regulators can do to ensure physical security within the industry.

Article Excerpt:

The future of physical security will not be a relentless arms race to see who can acquire the most advanced sensors, cameras or even drones that autonomously detect and neutralize threats. Physical security in the power industry is not just about securing company assets, as it also includes protecting employees and company reputation. The future of power grid security will be reliant on the core values of the next generation. The core values of work ethic, accountability, integrity, teamwork, forward thinking and the spirit to create and constantly improve must be prevalent in all who aspire to participate in this unique industry. To grow stronger, the industry must begin now, as our enemies are constantly preparing. The industry must take steps to establish a broader foundation for unity between business units, companies, and the entire industry. Security managers must lead from the front by setting the example and convincing the rest of the industry to change.

According to the article, measures to increase physical security for the grid include:


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