Navigating the Energy Transformation

Building a Competitive Advantage for Energy Cloud 2.0

Changing customer needs, evolving policy and regulation, and accelerating innovation around digital technology and distributed energy resources (DER) are driving historic transformation across the energy industry. Ultimately, these changes will contribute to an emerging grid that is cleaner, more distributed, and increasingly intelligent—also known as the Energy Cloud. 

Navigant's latest white paper, Navigating the Energy Transformation, is the next installment in Navigant’s Energy Cloud analysis, offering a framework for approaching strategic planning in a time of rapid evolution. The paper details developments and technologies that have emerged in the last two years, focusing on emerging platforms for growth such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, and transactive energy, while evaluating shifting revenue across the value chain and the implications for incumbent players and new market entrants. Finally, industry stakeholders, and particularly utilities, are provided a blueprint—the Energy Cloud Playbook—for proactively preparing and managing their organization to maneuver around the Energy Cloud disruption and position for long-term success.

By blending traditional assets, services, and interactions and unlocking many new technologies, business models, and relationships, the emerging Energy Cloud will redefine market structures and traditional stakeholder relationships. This rapidly unfolding landscape will require new strategies and approaches to both current and emerging industry realities.

 Mackinnon A. Lawrence

Senior Research Director

 The Energy Cloud

 energy cloud stacked


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Energy industry players must remain more flexible and responsive to shifting priorities than ever before. While not all strategic pathways to navigate this transformation will be appropriate for all players across all markets, those that acknowledge the complexity of the challenge ahead will already have an advantage.

Jan Vrins
Leader of Global Energy Practice


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