Europe's Energy Transition

How to Take Control of Your Future by Navigating Megatrends and Tipping Points

The pace and impact of change in the utilities industry globally is unrelenting. Europe is no exception, and one could argue that the pace of the energy transition in Europe is faster than anywhere else in the world. The European Union (EU), as a market, is the largest energy importer, importing 53 percent of its energy at an annual cost of around €400 billion (~$446 billion). This drives many aspects of energy policies, including placing the EU at the vanguard of grid reform over the past decade.

In a new white paper, Europe's Energy Transition: Take Control of Your Future, Navigant shares its view on the energy transformation underway in Europe, describing the related megatrends and tipping points. The tipping points are clear and the megatrends discussed cannot be underestimated. They are accelerating the energy transition in Europe, enabling the entry of new players, putting pressure on incumbent players, and altering traditional strategies and business models. Organisations will need to adapt, and there will be winners and losers as this transition takes shape. Download this paper now and learn about the strategic pathways and new business models you can use navigate Europe's fast-changing energy landscape.

While policy and regulation at the EU and country level will continue to evolve, we also see significant movement at the local level. Numerous cities have committed to clean energy, with some establishing 100% clean energy targets, including Copenhagen, Denmark; Munich, Germany; and the Isle of Wight, England. Cities and businesses have been showing tremendous leadership in reducing the emissions responsible for climate change and building resilience to climate impacts.

Kathleen Gaffney
Managing Director

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Energy industry players must remain more flexible and responsive to shifting priorities than ever before. While not all strategic pathways to navigate this transformation will be appropriate for all players across all markets, those that acknowledge the complexity of the challenge ahead will already have an advantage.

Jan Vrins
Leader of Global Energy Practice


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