Energy Cloud Playbook

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In the Energy Cloud Playbook, Jan Vrins and Mackinnon Lawrence explore the pace and impact of change in the energy industry and how business models are changing to adapt to innovations and digitalization. Utilities must make a choice. Do they perpetuate a predictable good system likely declining in value, or expose capital to yet unproven solutions that have the potential to deliver improved power quality and revenue growth tomorrow?

The Energy Cloud Playbook explores the challenges of engaging with customers and regulators, how to integrate distributed energy resources into transmission and distribution, how to create new revenue streams and continue to upgrade the grid, and more.

The pace and change in the energy industry are unrelenting. The end result will be a whole-scale transformation in the way energy is produced and consumed. Moving away from one-way grid architecture powered solely by large centralized generation assets like fossil fuel, hydro, or nuclear power plants, toward a platform of two-way power flow and intelligent grid architecture. We call this the Energy Cloud.

Jan Vrins
Leader of Global Energy Practice

Mackinnon A. Lawrence
Research Director

 The Energy Cloud

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