Navigant Participates in Power Grid “War Games”

GridEx III tests participant reactions to simulated cyber security attacks

In November, the North American electricity system was under a simulated siege. Utilities and other participants taking part in the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC’s) GridEx III event had the opportunity to practice their responses to coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents, demonstrating how they would react if an actual event were to occur.

While the specific details of the pretend attacks are under wraps, Navigant Director Brian Harrell, who helped develop the first event, and who participated this year on behalf of a large New York utility, told American Public Media’s Marketplace that “Cybersecurity response and information sharing with federal partners continues to be a learning process.”

“The governments of North America may be ill-prepared to process this threat information and actually do anything about it,” Harrell added.

According to an article and podcast produced by Marketplace, energy is one of the most hacked industries, making exercises like GridEx a valuable way to asses response capabilities.

Listen to the Marketplace podcast and read the article here.

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