Nanogrids Gaining Traction in the Developing World

Navigant Research’s Peter Asmus authors Sun-Connect article on the emerging nanogrid market

Nanogrids, essentially smaller versions of microgrids, can support applications ranging from emergency power for commercial buildings, such as data centers in mature economies like the United States, to the provision of basic electricity services for people living in extreme poverty.

In an article for Sun-Connect, Peter Asmus, principal research analyst with Navigant Research, details the emerging market for nanogrids and explains how off-grid markets appear to be proving that the developing world is a testing ground for innovation.

“A common analogy when discussing nanogrids in the developing world is that of cell phones and the skipping of phone landlines—in similar ways these regions are jumping to nanogrids in lieu of traditional centralized transmission infrastructure,” Asmus writes.

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