From Grid to Cloud: A Network of Networks – In Search of an Orchestrator

Navigant featured in Fortnightly Magazine

The power sector is transforming, according to a new Fortnightly Magazine article written by Navigant’s Jan Vrins, Hector Artze, Richard Shandross, and Mackinnon Lawrence. In a new model, known as the Energy Cloud, the grid is more decentralized, providing increased opportunity for renewables and distributed energy resources. And, in light of this shift to a network of networks, there’s the question of whether the emerging Energy Cloud can accommodate network orchestrators, and if so, who might the candidates be?

Article Excerpt:

“Because companies employing the network orchestrator business model outperform other types of companies on several key dimensions, it may be a matter of time before pure network orchestrators emerge and establish themselves as key orchestrators within the Energy Cloud.”


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