Potential of Nanogrids in Africa

Navigant Research cited in Forbes article

Data from Navigant Research’s Nanogrids report is referenced in a Forbes article, which examines the potential of nanogrids as a way to address Africa’s power needs, something President Barack Obama is interested in.

Article excerpt: 

A nanogrid is a somewhat recent phenomena. Homes with solar power would be an easily understandable example of a nanogrid. (although some would argue a home isn’t a grid, just so you know) For a more technical explanation, Navigant Research defines nanogrids as being 100 kW for grid-tied systems and 5 kW for remote systems not interconnected with a utility grid. More importantly, in economic terms, the research company has projected the global nanogrid market to grow from $37.8 billion in 2014 to $59.5 billion in 2023. Navigant Research has a new research report due out on the nanogrid market and updating this work. The market is already evolving. The report will be by analyst Peter Asmus. If you are interested in this type of research, you might want to check out his blog on the company’s website.

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