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Opioid Litigation | At the Forefront

Navigant explores opioid litigation and what may be on the horizon

Issues surrounding opioid use are foremost in the minds of pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, health insurance companies, healthcare providers – and the law firms who represent them.

Whether you are working to understand the impact of opioids on your business, manage a growing docket of litigation, estimate your liability exposure, or develop strategies to respond to this multifaceted challenge, Navigant offers the insight you need to stay ahead.

The Opioid Litigation Report (OLR) is an in-depth analysis and monitoring tool that informs the market of the ongoing and active cases impacted by the opioid crisis. Accessing the OLR as an additional resource in your toolbox will allow you to meet immediate needs and future challenges that evolve throughout the opioid supply chain life cycle. Our innovative approach to provide timely information and analyses help clients make informed strategic decisions.

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