Recent Advances in Climate Change

Julie Carey featured in Latin America Energy Advisor

With climate change being a leading news headline in recent months, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama met and announced a joint effort to fight climate change. While these announcements are a welcome promise to help sustain our climate, experts highlight that the meeting missed an opportunity to address critical energy economic issues.

Navigant expert Julie Carey examines the impact of the joint agreement compared to existing commitments. Julie highlights the missed opportunity to address critical energy economic issues, such as how to foster the infrastructure development needed to get our economic oil and gas resources to the market as well as the benefits of a diversified energy portfolio, inclusive of oil, gas, and renewables. Importantly, Julie also explains, “No discussion emerged about the substantial energy security benefits from our oil and gas resources or how to use these resources as bargaining tools to better negotiate for global diplomacy.”


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