Deploying Text Analytics and Speech Recognition to Manage Audio Files in e-Discovery

Navigant experts Peter Gronvall and Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet discuss how to manage audio files in e-Discovery. These audio files, which are described as recorded conversations in corporate settings, are quickly becoming a topic of conversation. Audio files are becoming more and more prevalent and the need to regulate these files. From call centers to trader headsets to multi-channel streaming, the need to regulate these items is becoming an issue that is difficult to define.  

The issues being faced are how to break down, process, and understand the important parts of each file. Obtaining the files is the first step but identifying what parts are relevant and what parts aren't is where cost and time efficiency are brought into question. 

"An engineered solution that combines up-front human transcription, machine learning applied to speech recognition, and sophisticated text analytics is essential to move beyond brute force review. Solutions of this nature allow companies to achieve efficiency, scale, accuracy, and substantial cost savings."

Peter Gronvall and Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet

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