Analytics and Data Science as a Team Sport

Navigant Data Analytics expert Brian Segobiano provides insight surrounding the latest trends in data analytics on LinkedIn. Brian delves into the phases of data analytics and emphasizes the need to be constantly educated on the tools and methodologies of data analytics to ensure you are delivering quality solutions.

According to Brian, "Common attributes of data science are often described as advanced knowledge and experience in technical programming, statistics, and business cognition. The buzz around such a job may lead to the idea of a unicorn who can alone replace the IT team, business analysts and C-Suite and execute alone across all phases of every analytics project. While data scientists have both the capabilities and experience across many phases of a project, the ever-growing volume of data types and tools constantly raises the bar for how projects are delivered. In my experience, our teams have not only found great success by each of us being knowledgeable across all aspects of data science and analytics projects, but more importantly, identifying individual areas of true expertise and providing collaborative solutions. This represents an approach to data science from a practice level rather than individually."

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