Thwarting Business Challenges with Technology

Saeed Fotovat contributes byline for CIO Review Magazine

The professional services industry is constantly evolving as employees and clients face transformational change.

Saeed Fotovat, Navigant's Chief Information Officer contributes the “Thwarting Business Challenges with Technology” byline for CIO Review Magazine. Fotovat's article explores how technology solutions can help improve productivity, deliver standardization and enable innovation in the evolving professional services industry. According to the article, technology has the power to improve productively, standardize results and enable innovation.

Fotovat examines data integration, human resource information systems, compatibility and integration issues, the indispensable role of technology today as well as the evolving role of IT services. According to Fotovat, "IT needs to elevate itself from being a utility and commodity service provider to being a true business partner; a Center of Excellence for enablement and innovation."

This article appears in the publication’s November 30 “Oracle Special,” which details the 100 most promising solutions and helps CIOs navigate the Oracle solutions landscape. 

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