Culture Shock: The Human Side of E-Discovery

Ashley Smith featured in Legal Tech News article

The cultural differences that underpin business, government and the legal system can have a drastic impact on the way e-discovery is conducted. In this article for Legal Tech News, Navigant Managing Director Ashley Smith opines on navigating cultural differences when working with clients on e-discovery and information governance issues across the globe.

Article excerpt: 

“I absolutely recommend that counsel partner with local counsel that understands the cultural implications of business and operation thereof. How people conduct business in France is different than how it works in Germany, is different from how it works in Switzerland, or Italy, there is very little overlap in the EU just as there is very little overlap in Asian nations. It’s so incredibly valuable having someone at the table or advising you before you initiate discovery, that can guide you in approaching questions or in the tone that you use,” Smith said.

Having counsel that can facilitate the actual machinations of discovery, as well as cultural customs and nuances of the region ensure that international businesses get the information they need while preventing any unforgivable gaffes.

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