See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil - Managing Audio in E-Discovery

Jim Vint authors CIO Review byline

The SEC has made changes to the way audio files are collected in document requests. Previously, simply listening to the audio was sufficient, but now the changes in regulation under Dodd-Frank require a much stricter, more detailed approach to retaining audio files.

Jim Vint examines the recent changes and provides ways to ensure proper audio retention.

Article excerpt:

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) - the translation of spoken words into text is the technology that legal teams are turning to because it enables keyword searching and other text analytics to target potentially relevant content within audio recordings. With ASR, large teams of reviewers no longer have to sit and listen to each recording to identify relevant content. ASR is relatively new to the legal space, and while its results are not perfect, it can be used defensibly to implement keyword search when combined with a rigorous quality control sampling plan.

ASR technology is helping legal teams implement more effective audio review strategies to comply with regrets from regulators and other parties.


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