Disputes in the Energy Sector – Mini Roundtable

Published in Corporate Disputes magazine


The development of unconventional resources continues to cause an increase in disputes and litigation, including land and lease rights, breach of contract, royalty, and environmental disputes. These disputes are generally caused by the technical and geographic newness of the development, and the changes to relevant laws and regulations as local, state, and federal/national authorities react to the shifting landscape. The increased use of unconventional methods, such as hydraulic fracturing, is an underlying factor in many cases and continues to be the subject of environmental, safety, personal injury, and commercial litigation.

In this article, published in Corporate Disputes Magazine, Navigant’s Mike Emmert discusses trends, challenges and strategies for mitigating risk associated with the increase in disputes in the energy sector. Emmert also shares insights on recent trends in the dispute resolution process, including arbitration and strategies for mitigating reputational risk related to disputes and litigation.

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