What's Driving Trend Toward Healthcare Villages?

Insight From Hindsight Issue 26 Article

The trend toward healthcare villages is being closely followed by innovative healthcare providers who recognize that the industry’s future direction will encompass addressing the entirety of population health to transform from a healthcare system that has historically focused on treating the sick, to a value-based one designed to keep “customers” well.

In concert with local governments, urban planners, social service agencies, developers, and retailers, healthcare providers are viewing healthcare villages as a community “destination” — an integration of healthcare, life sciences/research and development (R&D), educational, residential, hospitality/conference, social agency, healthy lifestyle retail, entertainment, recreation, cultural, and wellness services — scaled by land size and community need. It is a vision of a health-oriented place where people come to live, work, learn, and play. These medically oriented, mixed-use developments utilize an outside-in urban planning perspective to connect to surrounding neighborhoods, open space, parks, public transportation and active transportation options to improve access to community-based services and nature, and promote physical activity.

This article will explore the key drivers behind this trend and highlight a few examples of the various types of healthcare villages under development around the United States. Finally, we will summarize the key questions health systems need to address when considering implementing a healthcare village development strategy.

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