Trends in Construction Technology

The Potential Impact on Project Management and Construction Claims

Over the years, the construction industry has been criticized as an industry with declined productivity and a strong resistance to change. However, in this research perspective, the Navigant Construction Forum presents an illustrated look into one area of change that they are advancing on – technology. The perspective provides a detailed look into some of the technological advances in the construction industry and how these advancements are impacting project management, construction claims management, and dispute avoidance.

The world of technology is an ever-changing one and has dramatically impacted various aspects of life and in this respect, it has also drastically affected the construction industry with several new advancements coming down the assembly line. While exploring the impact of technology in the construction industry, the Navigant Construction Forum examined how some of these impacts have the potential to avoid or mitigate construction claims, a large feat for the industry.

Once these technological changes are more widely adopted in the industry, it is believed that construction productivity will increase, construction costs will decrease, and site safety will improve substantially.

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