Fund Services Guide to Improved Operational Effectiveness: Real OpEx Case Studies

Fund servicers are constantly being tasked to maximize revenues and to efficiently run their organizations. After decades of working alongside fund servicers to improve their operational effectiveness, we have identified some common pain points and best practice solutions to improve service capabilities, productivity, minimize risk, lower costs, and build revenues and scalability.

In this paper, experts from Navigant and MetaOps demonstrate these frequently occurring operational challenges and proven solutions using real life case studies that we have encountered throughout our work. In most instances, applying Lean Six Sigma or Operational Excellence (OpEx) principles in a customized and strategic manner has proven to yield the most effective results.

If you are a CIO, COO, a Fund or an Asset Manager, or provider of Middle and Back Office services, you will see that many fund servicers experience similar operational challenges (e.g. Cash Availability, Trading, Corporate Actions and Pricing). Case studies show that firms have used proven OpEx approaches to successfully overcome those problems and convert their functions into revenue generating contributors.

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