Market Innovation: How O2 Crafted a Mobile Wallet

In the established world of UK financial services, creating the O2 Wallet by Telefónica — a telecommunications company — was a bold, innovative and complex undertaking. RealisĀ­ing the concept of “putting your wallet on your mobile phone” involved the integration of multiple parties and vendors, technologies and operating models — and all at different stages of maturity. Faced with this challenge, Telefónica approached Navigant in order to leverage expertise in financial services and the telecommunications markets. Navigant helped to strucĀ­ture the complex change programme, reviewing contracts, assessing application security, and aligning the interests and deliverables of all contributing parties. The result was a focus on key activities in the build up to launch, and on 26th April 2012 the Telefónica team launched the O2 Wallet into the UK market.

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