Providing a Market Scan and Portfolio Strategy in the Energy Management System Space

Navigant helped guide an oil & gas industry player's acquisition process and strategic planning


A European oil & gas major was searching for an acquisition target in the area of energy management systems. The client's goal was to become a connecting element of existing businesses in the renewable energy space and to build the basis for an integrated service offering. The client engaged Navigant for support in identification, analysis, and screening of potential acquisition targets, and to identify the companies most aligned with its capabilities and strategic ambitions.


Navigant provided a market scan by building a list of approximately 150 potential acquisition targets. This list was assessed against evaluation criteria (size, capabilities, service offering, asset types, geographies covered, and maturity, etc.) and fit with the client’s strategy and ambitions. Following the assessment, a short list was generated in a joint workshop. For each of the shortlisted companies, Navigant performed an in-depth assessment of the technological capabilities, customers served, geographies covered, and financial. 


The client used Navigant’s analysis as guidance for its acquisition process and for strategic planning.


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