Automation in AML Compliance and Modeling

GFMI Conference

Attendees will gain a top-level insight into how they can advance their AML programs through digital automation for huge cost-savings and more accurate customer due diligence. You will review the industry’s best practices for AML compliance and techniques for more effective data collection and management using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). You will also learn how AML analytics can be optimized to reduce false alerts with cognitive technologies. Delegates will benefit from demonstrations of how Machine Learning can be applied to AML model risk management and validation, as well as how robotics and RPA are being implemented in AML compliance programs. Lastly, you will examine strategies for building a hybrid model for AML compliance that utilizes these emerging technologies alongside human judgment.


Join Salvatore LaScala and Tim Mueller as they present Segmentation and AI for more effective AML alerts, a case study on November 5, 2018 at 10:00 am

• How is the industry using AI to perform the AML process?
• Key strategic considerations in using AI in the AML process (definition of rules, legal and compliance issues, transparency)
• What are the major challenges posed by the current process in AML transaction monitoring?
• How do machine intelligence solutions fit within the existing framework of AML transaction monitoring?






Millennium Broadway Hotel

New York, NY

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