Smart Cities Week Washington DC

The 2018 edition of Smart Cities Week Washington, DC is excited to reveal this year’s theme: Collaboration: the cornerstone of the smart city. At Smart Cities Week, collaboration is more than a catchphrase – it’s baked into the entire event. For instance, you can participate in pre-conference workshops, where you will sit with other cities and with private sector experts to learn the latest. Or you can join our Boardroom sessions — interactive city-to-city roundtables–ideal for knowledge exchange.

Our tracks this year include: Re-imagining transportation, Enlightened financing, The smart workforce, Data for civic good, and Smart infrastructure. All five tracks include sessions highlighting collaborations, including city-city, city-state, city-federal, and public-private. And don’t miss the City Readiness Hub, a special area set aside specifically for city-to-city mentoring.

Mackinnon Lawrence, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, and Tom Mahowald, director of business development at Navigant, will be in attendance.



Washington, DC

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