International Beirut Energy Forum

Gathering energypreneurs from all over the globe, the ninth edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum will be another landmark platform for the sustainable energy sectors in the different parts of the Arab World and the Mediterranean.

During this event, Farid Comaty, senior consultant at Navigant, will present Accelerating Zero-Emission Building Sector Ambitions in the MENA Region - Policy Impact Assessment Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

Comaty's presentation is part of the Netzero Emissions Building session. Energy efficiency measures still represent the low-hanging fruits in terms of energy conservation. Successful experiences in Europe and other parts of the world prove that remarkable savings could be achieved. This session offers a comparative approach to energy efficiency measures in different countries of the world while heading to the long term targets of 2050. The session will also include concrete steps on how to implement such measures in the Mediterranean countries.




Beirut, Lebanon

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