Energy Thought Summit


ETS18 calls all creative minds to convene and design real solutions for the energy transformation taking place today. What’s less human than digital, but what’s more human than dreaming? These contradictions come together as we dream of a world blanketed by sensors, communications, data, and autonomous systems to deliver greater reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. But what will it take to really make this dream happen? And when will we arrive? Furthermore, what do these changes mean for humans? For energy? Is it good? And what do they mean for relationships between customers and their utilities?

Join Navigant, March 26-29 in Austin, Texas, to celebrate five years of ETS as we explore the human journey to make the world digital, as well as the digital transformation that utilities and their leaders are embarking on:

This inclusive event welcomes everyone to the table to create change in energy, and consider the roles that emerging technologies play in shaping a new future.

During this event, Jan Vrins, managing director and leader of Navigant's global Energy practice will moderate: Sustainable Smart Cities and the Future Grid Tuesday at 9:45 a.m. Dan Bradley, managing director at Navigant, will participate in the panel discussion: The Future Today: The Digital Journey of A Modern Utility Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. 

Mike Bianco, managing director at Navigant; Nils Frenkel, director at Navigant; Andrew Johnston, director at Navigant; and Wendy Jaehn, director at Navigant, will also be in attendance.



Austin, Texas

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