Measurement and Verification via Remote Data Gathering and Analytics

Join Ecofys for a webinar, Measurement and Verification via Remote Data Gathering and Analytics. The advent of less expensive metering, increased computational power, and advanced data analytics techniques are driving a range of pilots and tests around the United States to determine whether non-intrusive methods can accurately estimate energy efficiency program savings at much less cost than traditional methods that utilize detailed studies of a sample of program participants. Based on experiences from our US colleagues, we will provide an overview of the best practices in M&V2.0, the necessary data requirements and measuring equipment as well as the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach. We will also shed light on the recent discussion on older evaluation methods which are expensive but quite accurate versus new (M&V2.0) evaluations methods which are cheaper but less accurate.

Juriaan van Tilburg, senior consultant at Ecofys, a Navigant company, will present during this webinar.



Webinar - 3 p.m. CET

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